Character Creation

Follow the Prime Runner rules as noted in the Shadowrun 5th Edition Corebook and build a character. Do not spend your money, however. Once that process is complete, you also have an additional 160 Karma that MUST be spent prior to game start. You must follow the standard rules for Karma expenditure once a campaign has already begun play. You may spend 1 point of Karma to gain 2,000 Nuyen per point of Karma up to 100 Karma. Add this money to the resources after character creation. As for restricted gear, you may purchase 1 item with an availability up to 20F, the rest can have an availability of no more than 15. The maximum device rating you can own is 6.

Team Building: Ensure that your character fills gaps other players can’t cover. And please. For the love of God. Communicate with each other. Six riggers might sound fun, but believe me, when I send an invisible lightning magus at your face, seventeen drones won’t save you.


This is a western themed campaign. You don’t have to be western themed, it’s only a suggestion. What do I mean? I mean revolvers, horses, sand, money, scorpions, snakes, cowboy hats, showdowns and the like.

June 21st, 2075

Game Time
Game Day will be Saturdays

Bad Company

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