Character Questionnaire

What is your character’s name? (Because I know some of you forgot…)

Where is your character from (city/country)?

Socioeconomically, where is your character from?

Why does your character Shadowrun? Did they choose this life? Were they born into it? Did they have to resort to it?

What is your character’s relation to the other characters (if any)?

Does your character have any relationships with people outside the party? (NPC’s, contacts, etc.)

Where does your character live?

What kind of neighborhood do they live in?

Do they live with anyone else?

What drives your character to succeed?

What does your character dream of achieving within their life (or do they even know)?

Whom does your character care the most about?

What does your character fear the most (choose at least one tangible and one intangible)?

What does your character believe in? (Religion, honor, truth, etc.)

For Yourselves:

Based on the above, what was your character’s childhood like?
What was their adulthood until now like?

Character Questionnaire

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