Murder at the Boulder-House

Status: Successful
Employer: Mr. Johnson
Location: Boulder Colorado; Boulder Convention Center
Time-frame: Thursday 7pm – 11:59pm
Payment: Rating 6 fake SIN’s for all participants
Job: The job is to kill a one Mr. Frederick Mickels quietly during the charity ball and frame Stephen Poole for the murder.

Particulars: Stephen Poole owns Johnson Steel, a company who has their hand in everything. His Rival, Frederick Mickels is a long time executive at Highland Inc. a company vying for power in the area. Stephen Poole is married, and his wife will be in attendance at the function. Mr. Poole is part of an organization known as the Silver Star Knights. He will be dressed in uniform and have a dress sword on his possession.
In addition to the above, it should be noted that the security on this job is very high. Weapons can be sneaked into the function, but they’ll need to be small or impossible to detect as a weapon. Anything larger than a hand will more than likely be noticed by a high tech ( and thoroughly invasive ) scanner. It’ll take some skill to get this job done.

Frederick Mickels

Stephen Poole and Wife

Murder at the Boulder-House

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