Campaign Calendar

December 18th – Runners hunt down and kill a toxic mage, destroying his lair in the process.

December 31st – Runners took on a job from Guo-Dian to transport a superbug via a stolen prioprietary container.

January 21st – Runners agree to deliver a flask to someone named “Jack”

January 30th – Runners launched an attack on the Black Razors with the requirement that they shoot one of the leaders between the eyes.

February 3rd – Runners are officially dubbed Bad Co.

February 26th – Bad Co. abducted Raz Pierce for Wuxing only to find out he was an undercover Lonestar agent.

March 15th – Bad Co. takes on a job to deliver a key employee to a subsidiary of Wuxing. They are attacked by mysterious professional men wearing blindfolds with white X’s over the eyes.

April 4th – Bad Co. climbs a skyscraper to recover the scent of the Runner known as Marshall.

May 10th – Bad Co. takes on a job to recover some sensitive data from a corporation and burn all the witnesses.

Campaign Calendar

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